Small Kitchen Updates Make a Big Impact





We recently completed a kitchen refresh for some of our clients. They didn’t need a ‘full gut’ remodel, but definitely had several items in their kitchen that could use a breath of fresh air! This project is proof that small updates really do make a big impact!










You can see that there are many features that contributed to a dated look. A major change involved enclosing the doorway seen on the corner – allowing for the dining room behind the kitchen to be converted into an office. The faded cabinets, fluorescent lighting, counter tops and oven hood were among the other items that needed refreshing.



Farrell_Elevation 2



Our designers created renderings to illustrate the updated kitchen, allowing the clients to get an idea of how the finished space would look.








The completed kitchen looks beautiful with fresh paint and pulls on the cabinets, new granite counter tops, a built-in fridge, pull-out pantries, and a rustic hood vent. The dated fluorescent lighting was replaced with sleek can lights, and a custom wine and coffee bar was added to the end of the cabinetry where the door to the dining room used to be. The sitting area in front of the kitchen was relocated, providing space for the new dining set – the perfect setting to host a meal with a great view of the updated kitchen!


If you kitchen, or another room in your home, could use a little TLC, contact us today! We’d be happy to help you update your home, even if it’s just a small project that doesn’t require a full remodel.



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