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Medford cares about our local community! Once a quarter, we share an upcoming community event on our blog. This quarter’s spotlight is on Tango Charities and their lunch-prep event: Feed the City Grand Prairie. This hunger-based food organization is focused on feeding, educating, and empowering communities through health and nutritious food.


The event is taking place from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM on Saturday, July 20, 2024, at Voodoo Brewing Co. – Grand Prairie: 1015 IKEA Place #500 Grand Prairie, TX 75052 75063.



From the event post:


“Please join us as we Feed The City at Grand Prairie, TX to make lunches for people in need. Feed The City events are family-friendly and are open to all. We welcome organizations, groups, and school-age children.


TangoCharities’ Feed The City (FTC) simplified instructions:



Before the event:

Buy the products listed below for making sandwiches.
Aim to bring supplies for 25-30 sandwiches.
Don’t divide items among group members; everyone should bring everything.


Each Person Brings:

Deli Meat (turkey, chicken, or ham; no deli counter meat)
Sliced pre-packaged cheese
Sliced wheat/white bread
Yellow mustard (no spicy mustard or mayo)
Halos, Cuties, or tangerines
Large bags of chips (not individual bags)
Ziploc sandwich bags (with zippers, not fold over)


Event Day:

Arrive between 8:30-9:00 AM; the event starts at 9:00 AM.
All ages are welcome; supervise those under 18.
Wear orange (optional), tie your hair back, and wear bleach-safe clothes.


Can’t attend? Drop off packed lunch sacks with:

One bottle of water
One granola bar
Two tangerines or one apple in a Ziplock
One tuna pouch or applesauce cup
Write/Draw a positive message on the bag.
Unpacked food donations are also accepted.


For more information on the event and the organization, visit their website here.



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