Is It OK to Remove Your Master Bathtub?




One common question we get from our clients that are considering a master bathroom remodel is whether or not they should keep their bathtub. Most people would rather have a large master bathroom shower and no bathtub rather than having a small shower and a tub they never use.




Here are some aspects to consider if you are on the fence about keeping your bathtub:


Does Your Home Have a Second Bathroom With a Bathtub?
Most homes are built with tubs or shower-tub combos in each full-sized bathroom throughout the house, so many homes have a minimum of two tubs. In this case, taking out the master bathtub is no big deal. However, if your master bathroom bathtub is the only bathtub in the house, you should not remove it!


Bathtubs are necessary for children.
Even if you don’t take baths yourself, a tub is essential for bathing young children. If not for you or your children / grandchildren, it’s definitely something to consider for future home buyers down the road. Whether you plan on moving or not, it’s a wise call to have at least one tub in the house as not to limit your pool of potential buyers to only those without children. Not to mention, the option of having a tub to soak sore muscles, relax in, or bathe pets in is appealing to many homeowners.




Bigger Showers are More Important in Aging in Place Scenarios
It’s a statistical fact that our population is aging. More and more people are going to need showers that are easier access rather than a tub to climb in and out of. If you are in your forever home, a bigger shower will be appreciated in your senior years.




Get Another Opinion
If this may not be your forever home, your local Realtor is a good source of information on this topic. They will know what buyers are looking for in your market and be able to steer you in the direction that makes your house more marketable when the time comes.



In the end, our advice is to keep at least one bathtub in your home, even if the current dwellers don’t take baths. You never know when life could throw a curveball your way and cause an unexpected move to occur, and having a tub will definitely benefit you should you need to sell. Keeping one tub in the house, even if you don’t use it regularly, is a great commodity to have!




If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom to remove your tub and increase the size of your shower, or if you’d like to upgrade the current tub you have, feel free to contact Medford Remodeling today!


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The Medford Remodeling Team


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