Trendy: Iron Doors and Glass Tile

Two of my favorite current trends are iron doors and glass tile. The iron doors are just awesome; they have a great look, a great feel, and add security and value to your home. Glass tile is a perfect artistic outlet; it can add some “sexy” to any design!

The project pictured above is a backsplash we recently finished. With the core design being natural stone and wood, we were trying to add a water element with an aquarium-like look. The aqua glass tile reflects different colors depending on the angle of the light, just like water. We spray-painted the upper backsplash area above the sink with blackboard paint. This helped keep a consistent “water line” and added a fun feature. Read more

Exterior Painting and Hidden Gardens

This time of year I look at the exterior of a lot of homes for painting estimates. I see what happens to homes that had a coat of paint slapped on them compared to ones that were properly done. The paint jobs that are properly done last many years longer, protect siding and trim, and end up saving the homeowner thousands of dollars.

Here are a few tips to accomplish a proper paint job:

  • Cut all the vegetation at least 18” away from the house
  • Power wash the entire exterior, brick, gutters, walks and driveway
  • Look closely at the trim and siding and replace or repair damage as needed
  • Prime raw wood with a primer suitable for the paint you choose
  • Caulk every siding and trim joint and edge. Caulk before painting, but never apply caulk to raw wood
  • Use really good quality paint. We use Sherwin-Williams Super Paint.
  • Consider changing the colors. New colors give the house a whole new feel that makes the painting investment more satisfying.

Hidden Gardens

This week past weekend I went to the Hidden Garden Tour in Ft. Worth. Historic Fort Worth, Inc. holds the tour annually in the gardens of homes in the historic neighborhoods of Ft. Worth. This year they were in Park Hill and Ryan Place. Check out the very cool waterfalls! Read more

Shed Doors and a Great Moonrise

My buddy Wes asked me to give him a hand with the doors on the boat shed at his lake house. As you can see, they were in horrible shape. Wood doors were used and the veneer was peeling off. We’ve replaced lots of shed doors over the years.

If you have rotting shed doors, here are a few tips to replace them so you never have to do it again:

  • Consider going with one door instead of two. Unless you have a riding mower or something unusual that doesn’t fit in your house, one 36” door is the way to go.
  • Make sure the door is a metal-clad unit. A smooth surface doesn’t hold as much dirt and bug nests. If you need double doors, they are available in metal-clad units as well.
  • If you want the door to swing to the outside, make sure the door you have installed is an “out-swing” door. “In-swing” and “out-swing” doors are built differently for security and keeping the weather out.
  • For siding and trim, use cementitious siding and trim. is a good place to learn about this great product.
  • Consider putting a window in place of the second door for natural light and ventilation.
  • Caulk every siding and trim joint before painting. These products are already primed; use good quality paint like Sherwin Williams Super paint.

We replace doors and windows not only on sheds, but homes too! Visit with Charles Finney at to learn more about door and window options for your home. We install all their products, and he has a great fireplace display as well! Read more


April 3rd tornado in Arlington, Texas

 Photo courtesy of Monique

We are finally starting work on a couple of homes in Arlington that were damaged during the tornado on April 3rd. That was a crazy day, as approximately 13 tornadoes tore through the Ft. Worth-Dallas area. I was at our office in Dalworthington Gardens and Mike Jr., Dave and Neil were working on a house two miles away at Green Oaks and Pleasant Ridge. The tornado went right between us!!

I admit I’m one of those dummies who runs outside to see what’s going on when the sirens and warnings start. I did just that and there it was—the tornado had lifted and was heading north and west away from me. It hit some houses just a block from where Mike, Jr. was working. They could see the debris swirling in the air and he said there was insulation falling out of the sky like snow. The three of them spent a few cozy minutes with the homeowners hunkered down in a small bathroom. Mrs. Homeowner said it was cramped, but having all those big guys with them made them feel much safer. Read more