Trendy: Iron Doors and Glass Tile

Glass Tile in Kitchen

Two of my favorite current trends are iron doors and glass tile. The iron doors are just awesome; they have a great look, a great feel, and add security and value to your home. Glass tile is a perfect artistic outlet; it can add some “sexy” to any design!

The project pictured above is a backsplash we recently finished. With the core design being natural stone and wood, we were trying to add a water element with an aquarium-like look. The aqua glass tile reflects different colors depending on the angle of the light, just like water. We spray-painted the upper backsplash area above the sink with blackboard paint. This helped keep a consistent “water line” and added a fun feature.

Pictured below is a before and after of an iron door we installed last week. The door is foam-filled, and the glass is double-pane low-E. It has roller bar and magnetic catches— it takes a bit of a tug to open, which reminds you what a secure door it is.

For Glass Tile Design Ideas:

Visit our website.

To touch and feel a great display of glass and all other tiles, go to ProSource of Fort Worth, ask for Jeff Seifert, and let him know we recommended them to you.

Contact our Design Consultant, Stephanie Milford, for a free in-home consultation.

For Iron Door Ideas:
Visit Nix Door and Hardware, and check out the Entrada Doors on their website. Nix has an awesome showroom with all types of door displays. Ask for Charles Finney, and let him know we sent you.

Contact me. I’m always happy to discuss your dreams for your home and help make them become a reality.

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Iron Door Replaces Old Door

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