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3 Options for Completing a Pull-and-Replace Kitchen Remodel with Mike’s Guys Handyman

May 20, 2020
    As our business continues to grow alongside our expanding client base, we have found that there are many homeowners looking to complete a kitchen remodel in which no walls or plumbing will be moved. We refer to these Read More

HDNP International's Upcoming Blood Drive

May 13, 2020
  Medford Design-Build Team takes pride in our local DFW community; there is something to be said about communities coming together to uplift, support, and strengthen one another during difficult times. Needless to say, the recent unfolding of this global Read More

Our May 2020 Newsletter

May 11, 2020
      Our featured project this month is a guest bathroom we recently renovated in Fort Worth, TX. The clients bought the 1950's home nearly 20 years ago and have slowly been updating it one project at a time. Read More

4 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Interior Designer for Your Major Remodel

May 6, 2020
  Along with improving the functionality of their home, the main reason homeowners choose to remodel is to refresh the appearance of a dated space. This is particularly true if the house is over 15 years old and has never Read More

A Nature-Inspired Guest Bathroom Renovation

April 22, 2020
  There are typically two types of homeowners we work with: those that buy a newer home and want to remodel it promptly before moving in, and those that buy an older home with the intention of updating it over Read More

The Boys Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County Curbside Meal Distribution

April 15, 2020
      As a small family-owned business in Tarrant County, Medford Design-Build takes great pride in our local community. Particularly in uncertain times such as this, it is encouraging to be able to lean on one another and find Read More