Our Projects

A Nature-Inspired Guest Bathroom Renovation

April 27, 2020
There are typically two types of homeowners we work with: those that buy a newer home and want to remodel it promptly before moving in, and those that buy an older home with the intention of updating it over the Read More

A Unique Master Bathroom gets a Spa-Like Renovation

March 25, 2020
Remodeling an odd or unusual space is one of the many things that makes our job fun and interesting. It’s actually surprising just how many homes include a kitchen or bathroom with a unique floor plan. Sometimes it works in Read More

A Builder-Grade Master Bathroom Gets A Modern Upgrade

February 27, 2020
Our recent clients in Keller, Texas, had a beautiful home built in 2005. Being newer than many of the homes we remodel, it was surprising to see how badly the master bathroom needed a renovation! Unfortunately, builders often use poor-quality Read More

A 90’s Kitchen Gets a Sleek Transformation

February 6, 2020
Our recent clients had a beautiful 4,700 square-foot home in Keller, Texas. The spacious 1990’s house included a large kitchen, complete with an L-shaped bar for seating and a small center island. While the size of the kitchen itself was Read More

This Master Bathroom Remodel Proves it: New Homes Need Remodeling, Too!

November 21, 2019
This client came to us with a beautiful home, built in 2016. The original master bathroom included a high-end upgraded shower with stylish tile and modern vanities. While the sleek frameless-glass shower was very large, the bathroom itself was on Read More

A 50-Year-Old Kitchen Gets a Stunning Upgrade

October 17, 2019
A lot can change in 50 years, especially when you compare dated homes to the modern aesthetic seen in today’s new builds. Low-hanging soffits have been replaced with sky-high ceilings; cabinets are taller and more uniform with hidden interior hinges; Read More