Mike’s Guys: Can I Paint My Home’s Exterior in the Winter?

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It is a beautiful time of year in North Texas. Many of the days are chilly in the morning, warming up to 60 or 70 during mid-day, and then cooling off again in the evening. However, if you’ve lived in Texas any length of time, you know the weather can be pretty unpredictable from week to week. On the topic of outdoor temperatures and weather patterns, our team is often asked about how it influences the types of exterior projects we can complete – a big one being exterior painting. Is it too late in the season to paint the exterior of your home? Typically, the answer is this: fall (and even late fall) is a fine time to complete exterior painting, but in Texas, it may be a little trickier to get it done as we transition to winter and more consistent cold weather. Read more

Mike’s Guys: 3 Exterior Projects to Prep Your Home for Spring

Spring is only a few weeks away, and the weather in North Texas is already giving us a preview of what the upcoming stormy season holds. Just a few days ago, it reached nearly 80 degrees in DFW, followed by a bitter cold-front and heavy rain. The rollercoaster of high and low temperatures coupled with bouts of rain, winds, and hail can make it a harsh environment for outside structures such as your home. We say this every year, but as a team of home improvement professionals, we cannot stress enough how important it is to perform routine maintenance on your home’s exterior prior to the stormy seasons! Repairing, updating, and maintaining your home ahead of time will prevent much more serious issues down the road. Read more

Happy Summer! Five Summertime Home Maintenance Ideas to Consider

Summer will officially start this coming Friday, June 21st at 12:04am Central time, and the daylight hours will then start becoming shorter. Now is a great time to utilize the extra daylight to catch up on the home maintenance projects you may have been putting off, or just need to do.

Here are five ideas for you to consider:

  • Change your air filter. When it is hot the air handler works more often and the filter accumulates more dust and dirt. A dirty filter can cause your air handler to not work as efficiently as a clean one, which ends up causing you to pay for more electricity.
  • Look the exterior paint over. Look for cracking caulk, warped wood, dry rot and oxidizing paint. Make the repairs while the air is nice and dry—this helps the caulk and paint stick better than against even slightly damp surfaces. If your home looks like it kinda needs a paint job, have it done now! It is amazing how fast a house will deteriorate once the paint and caulk start failing.
  • Clean out the garage. I did this one myself this past weekend. I hauled off items that I’ve had for over two decades and haven’t used. I’m enjoying the orderliness and additional space. Make sure you dispose of hazardous items properly, and check your garage floor for grease spots that may be caused by fluids leaking from your car.
  • Clean your dryer vent. We recently cleaned a dryer vent on a house we are remodeling, and I was shocked at how much lint was in there. Dryer fires from dirty dryer vents are one of the main causes of home fires.
  • Lawn Maintenance. Make sure your sprinklers aren’t wasting water, and remove any vegetation that is against the house. Be sure to check the oil in your mower and top off or change as needed to protect the engine from the summer heat.
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    Exterior Painting and Hidden Gardens

    This time of year I look at the exterior of a lot of homes for painting estimates. I see what happens to homes that had a coat of paint slapped on them compared to ones that were properly done. The paint jobs that are properly done last many years longer, protect siding and trim, and end up saving the homeowner thousands of dollars.

    Here are a few tips to accomplish a proper paint job:

    • Cut all the vegetation at least 18” away from the house
    • Power wash the entire exterior, brick, gutters, walks and driveway
    • Look closely at the trim and siding and replace or repair damage as needed
    • Prime raw wood with a primer suitable for the paint you choose
    • Caulk every siding and trim joint and edge. Caulk before painting, but never apply caulk to raw wood
    • Use really good quality paint. We use Sherwin-Williams Super Paint.
    • Consider changing the colors. New colors give the house a whole new feel that makes the painting investment more satisfying.

    Hidden Gardens

    This week past weekend I went to the Hidden Garden Tour in Ft. Worth. Historic Fort Worth, Inc. holds the tour annually in the gardens of homes in the historic neighborhoods of Ft. Worth. This year they were in Park Hill and Ryan Place. Check out the very cool waterfalls! Read more