Exterior Painting and Hidden Gardens

Garden by C. C.'s Touch of Nature
This time of year I look at the exterior of a lot of homes for painting estimates. I see what happens to homes that had a coat of paint slapped on them compared to ones that were properly done. The paint jobs that are properly done last many years longer, protect siding and trim, and end up saving the homeowner thousands of dollars.

Here are a few tips to accomplish a proper paint job:

  • Cut all the vegetation at least 18” away from the house
  • Power wash the entire exterior, brick, gutters, walks and driveway
  • Look closely at the trim and siding and replace or repair damage as needed
  • Prime raw wood with a primer suitable for the paint you choose
  • Caulk every siding and trim joint and edge. Caulk before painting, but never apply caulk to raw wood
  • Use really good quality paint. We use Sherwin-Williams Super Paint.
  • Consider changing the colors. New colors give the house a whole new feel that makes the painting investment more satisfying.

Hidden Gardens

Three backyard gardens
This week past weekend I went to the Hidden Garden Tour in Ft. Worth. Historic Fort Worth, Inc. holds the tour annually in the gardens of homes in the historic neighborhoods of Ft. Worth. This year they were in Park Hill and Ryan Place. Check out the very cool waterfalls!

One of our clients and good friends, C. C.’s Touch of Nature, designed and installed the garden pictured at the top of the blog. If you ever need a landscape designed, maintained or installed, call them—you’ll be glad you did. They also have a whimsical shop on West Vickery with all types of plants, exotic orchids and bromeliads and antiques. It’s a fun place to visit.

Contact us if you’d like a free estimate to repair and paint your home’s exterior.


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