Mike’s Guys: Can I Paint My Home’s Exterior in the Winter?

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It is a beautiful time of year in North Texas. Many of the days are chilly in the morning, warming up to 60 or 70 during mid-day, and then cooling off again in the evening. However, if you’ve lived in Texas any length of time, you know the weather can be pretty unpredictable from week to week. On the topic of outdoor temperatures and weather patterns, our team is often asked about how it influences the types of exterior projects we can complete – a big one being exterior painting. Is it too late in the season to paint the exterior of your home? Typically, the answer is this: fall (and even late fall) is a fine time to complete exterior painting, but in Texas, it may be a little trickier to get it done as we transition to winter and more consistent cold weather.


Most paint manufacturers recommend that the temperature of the surface to be painted (i.e. the brick, siding, or wood exterior of your home) stay above 45 degrees for a 24-hour period. If the outside temperature drops below that, even just overnight, the paint may not stick.


In Texas, temperatures can sometimes stay warm (above 45 degrees) to allow for exterior painting through much of the winter. However, it can also get cold in a hurry! Due to the inconsistency of the weather and temperatures, we tend to recommend exterior painting during the months when temperatures and warmer and the air is dryer. This also goes for exterior caulk. If the surface temperature is too cold, the caulk will not bond to the surface!


If you are considering having exterior painting done now, please be aware that the outside temperature will influence the final result. Paint is the outermost layer of protection on your house, so it’s critical that it’s done correctly.


If you have questions about completing exterior painting or another type of exterior work on your home, we’d be glad to have one of our professionals come take a look. Contact Mike’s Guys today for more information!


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