A Glamorous Guest Bathroom Reveal in Colleyville


Many older homes feature a guest bathroom in which the vanity and sink are separate from the shower/tub and toilet. While this layout may have been popular years ago, having a wall and another door breaks up with flow of the bathroom and wastes valuable space. Instead of being more functional, both spaces end up feeling smaller and more crowded. When clients come to us hoping to remodel a bathroom with this layout, our designers almost always suggest removing this wall to create a larger room and a more modern aesthetic.


Our recent clients in Colleyville, Texas, had this very issue! Their guest bathroom felt small and dated and was past due for a refresh. The first thing on their wish list was to widen the entry doorway from 24 inches to 30 inches, and remove the wall between the vanity and the shower.





The decision was also made to remove the tub/shower combo and replace it with a modern walk-in shower. Being in their golden years with no small children, and still having a large tub in the master bathroom, they were confident that the tub in the guest bathroom would not be missed. A walk-in shower would be easier and safer for the majority of their guests, as well as themselves, should their master shower ever be unusable.





Upon entering the remodeled bathroom, the difference is striking! The removal of the wall is the biggest change, creating a much larger feel. The dark red and wood tones of the original color scheme were replaced with soft neutral shades of beige and white. A large mirror with a low-profile frame and frameless glass shower enclosure also contribute to the bright, airy aesthetic.




The toilet and window remain in the same place, but this end of the bathroom feels substantially more spacious. Marazzi Morder Oasis 12×24” porcelain tiles were laid vertically up the shower walls, along with an accent penny tile, to make the ceilings feel higher.


The shower control was conveniently installed on the pony wall at the shower door entrance so it is easily accessible to turn the water on to heat up. This is always a nice functional detail to consider when remodeling a shower!




A custom niche offers a 12-inch clearance for large bottles and a top shelf for soaps. The metallic mosaic penny tile provides luxury detail with just the right amount of glitz.



Elegant gold hardware was selected to compliment the new custom vanity and the stunning Taj Mahal Quartzite countertop. The false-front drawers on the original vanity were replaced with large cabinet doors and stacked drawers to the left, offering more usable storage space below the sink.


The built-in linen cabinets across from the vanity were also given a facelift with matching raised panel doors and gold hardware.





The completed bathroom is not only beautiful, but much more spacious and functional for the clients and their guests. Another completed project that the Medford team is proud to stand by!



We’d like to commend all of our team members and trade partners that helped bring this dream to life:




Structural Design: Michael Medford, Jr.

Aesthetic Design: Stephanie Milford

Drafting and Renderings: Brandy Anderson

Production Management: Dave Broadfield

Project Management: Neil Norris

Trim Carpentry: Neil Norris, Scott Vernon

Plumbing: Molberg Plumbing

Electrical: Marc Miller Electric

Drywall: Colonial Drywall

Paint: Phillip Painting Company

Countertops, Flooring, & Tile: Hilton’s Flooring

Countertops, Flooring, & Tile Fabrication: HRG Granite

Shower Glass: Kindred Glass Company

Staging: Ali Doskocil

Final Photography: Impressia– Todd Ramsey



We’d also like to share the design selection items that were used for this project:



If you’ve got a guest bathroom that could use a refresh or needs improvement in functionality, our designers are here to help! Contact us today to discuss the design-build process and schedule an on-site consultation at your home.


Warm Regards,

The Medford Team




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