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A Kid’s Jungle-Themed Bathroom in Arlington

If you caught our last project post —  A Coastal-Style Kitchen Remodel in Arlington –  you can see how much planning goes into a major remodel! Before/after floor plans and 3D renderings are a part of our custom design

Raise Your Sunken Living Room Floor with Mike’s Guys!

A common feature we see in many older homes is recessed living areas, also known as a sunken living room. This interior element was very popular in the 1960’s to establish separation between the living space and surrounding rooms

Update Your Home’s Interior Walls with Mike’s Guys

Photo Source   If your home needs a refresh and you’re not quite sure where to start, simply updating the walls is a fairly easy task that can make a big impact. Whether you are changing colors, textures, introducing

Mike’s Guys: 4 Things to Know About Wall Removal

Open-concept floor plans have become one of the most sought-after features among home buyers and homeowners alike. As a remodeling company, the majority of the projects we do involve some extent of removing or shortening walls to

Mike’s Guys: Replacing Interior Doors & Trim

Photo Source   One of the most popular requests our small projects division receives is to replace interior doors and trim. While many homeowners think of new paint and flooring as the primary means to update a space (short

Mike’s Guys: A Polished Kitchen Refresh in Arlington

If you have kept up with our Small Projects Division, Mike’s Guys, you know that a big part of what they address involves kitchen and bathroom updates that are not large-scale remodels. These projects don’t require design packages;

Mike’s Guys: How Do I Refinish A Popcorn Ceiling Myself?

Photo Source     We recently shared a post on 3 options for getting rid of popcorn ceilings. There are a few different ways to approach it, including hiring a professional (like Mike’s Guys) or installing beadboard sheets over

Mike’s Guys: 5 Steps to Remove Wallpaper

Photo Source   Although wallpaper seems to be making somewhat of a comeback, removing it is something we almost always do when remodeling a space that is wallpapered. In most cases, homeowners prefer to have all wallpaper removed to allow