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One of the most popular requests our small projects division receives is to replace interior doors and trim. While many homeowners think of new paint and flooring as the primary means to update a space (short of a full remodel), we always suggest including new baseboards, window and door casings, and new interior doors to make an even bigger impact. These details “put the icing on the cake” so to speak, and can truly make a space feel brand new!



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Interior Doors

Something commonly seen in older homes is flush interior door slabs. Flat doors are perfectly functional, but aesthetically speaking, they can certainly age your home. You’d be surprised at how much more modern your interior will look with new paneled doors.

There are a few different types of interior doors; solid core and hollow core doors being the most common. As the name infers, solid core doors are solid wood all the way through, making them heavier and more expensive.  Because they are solid, they provide much greater insulation than hollow core doors, and also help with noise reduction. If you’re interested in a truly high-quality option that will last for years, solid core doors are your best bet.

While not quite as sturdy, hollow core doors can still provide the modern look of a solid core while saving you on cost. These doors are usually made of cardboard sheets between wood veneers. The veneers on the outside create the high-quality look, while the lightweight material on the inside makes them lighter and more affordable. Even though they are cheaper, hollow core doors are still a great choice for interiors and can also last for many years if they are well taken care of.


Knobs & Hinges

If your doors are in good shape, you might consider simply updating the knobs and hinges. There are many different colors and styles of knobs, and using the same ones throughout the entire house creates a cohesive aesthetic. This change can also be functionally necessary — lever knobs, for example, are a great transition if you have aging family members that may develop difficulty turning round knobs.



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Interior Trim

Along with new doors and hardware, baseboards and casings make a world of difference when it’s time to update your home. Painted trim and stained trim can both look great and can be customized to match your home’s aesthetic. There are many options when it comes to interior trim; our team would be happy to help you make the right decision and make sure it’s installed and finished properly!

For more information about replacing your interior doors and trim, contact us today!

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