Mike’s Guys: Wall Removal & Kitchen Refresh in Arlington



Our recent clients in Arlington, TX, came to us requesting some updates to their kitchen and neighboring dining room. The main focus was to open the area by removing the wall separating the two rooms. They also wanted to refresh the kitchen with new paint, backsplash tile, and countertops. Since this wasn’t a full-gut remodel, it was perfect for our small projects division – Mike’s Guys!






The clients knew they wanted a new cabinet color in their kitchen, but instead of painting both the uppers and the lowers the same color, they decided to go with the two-tone trend. They chose a new white for the uppers and a deep navy blue for the lowers, with gold knobs and pulls for an elegant touch. They also decided to paint the walls of the kitchen white, resulting in a brighter space and the illusion of higher ceilings.





Another design decision that made the space feel more cohesive was a white speckled quartz countertop in place of the existing black counter. The white countertop coupled with the white subway tile backsplash really makes the blue cabinets and gold accents pop! The new color scheme feels clean, crisp, and refreshed, just as the clients hoped it would.


Because there is no longer a table at the end of the kitchen, the existing gold deco light was relocated above the sink, providing additional task lighting and complimenting the new aesthetic of the room.






The existing wall between the kitchen and dining room made both areas feel small and closed off. Our clients wanted the area to be guest-friendly and have a more spacious feel overall. Upon discussion, the decision was made to create a peninsula here. The initial thought was a simple pony wall with a countertop, but our talented Designer, Stephanie, suggested something more substantial. She researched different style options and inspirational photos, which led to the creation of the unique wood posts seen in the after photo. She also suggested the matching floating shelves above the counter to tie in with the wood posts and establish some visual interest on the blank wall. The new peninsula also provides additional seating and counter space. Our clients loved the idea of decorative pendant lights above the new counter and the wood accents included in the design.




The view from the far side of the dining room shows what an impact this change made! Our clients now have a beautifully updated kitchen and will no longer feel separated from their dinner guests while preparing meals.

If you have a small kitchen update you’d like to discuss, please contact us! Our Mike’s Guys division is happy to assist with smaller projects that don’t require design packages. As proven with this project, cosmetic updates like paint, tile, and countertops can go a long way!

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The Medford Team








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