Raise Your Sunken Living Room Floor with Mike’s Guys!


A common feature we see in many older homes is recessed living areas, also known as a sunken living room. This interior element was very popular in the 1960’s to establish separation between the living space and surrounding rooms without the requirement of walls. However, with the growing trend of flowing rooms and open-concept floorplans, the step-down living room design has become less-than desirable. Although recessed areas can still be included in a modern aesthetic, most homeowners today would agree that the feature feels dated and out of style. Many of our clients include raising their sunken floor in addition to other remodeling we are doing in their home, but it can also be completed as a stand-alone project by our Mike’s Guys division.



Reasons to Consider Raising Sunken Flooring


A more stylish look is not the only reason homeowners choose to have their sunken floor filled in. It can be difficult for aging homeowners or visitors with mobility issues to navigate a recessed floor. Falls and injuries related to the steps are the number one concern, and often the primary reason, our clients opt to get rid of this design feature.  Furniture placement is another issue; in some cases, it can be challenging to rearrange furniture or find furniture that fits within a conversation pit or recessed area.




Wood Vs Concrete


When it comes to leveling a sunken floor, the two most common options are with wood or with concrete. Our team at Medford will only raise a sunken floor by filling in the space with concrete. The wood option creates the potential of additional issues, such as a hollow feel and sound when stepping from the original floor onto the raised area. Tiling or installing specific flooring over wood can also be a problem since it is a different material than the original foundation. Filling with concrete is always the best long-term solution. However, this method does require experience and knowledge to be done correctly!


Below is a project our team recently completed in Arlington that involved raising the sunken living room floor in addition to a kitchen remodel and wall removal. The update to the flooring really refreshed the central part of the home!














If you would like to discuss filling in a sunken flooring or are interested in getting a quote, our Mike’s Guys team would be happy to help! Contact us today to get started!


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