April Community Event: Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival

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Do you love artwork, music, food, and entertainment? If so, save the date for this upcoming community event: the 36th annual Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival!


With over 200 artists from local, regional, and even national areas, this free event is one of Fort Worth’s largest and most popular every year. Enjoy new entertainment venues, dancers, musicians, exhibitors, and food vendors during this outdoor event on April 20-23, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

The event itself is free, and a great way to support our local community! Read more

Our March 2023 Newsletter

We all love to see home remodels that show a grand aesthetic transformation — taking a space from dark and dated to bright and modern. But, the aesthetic refresh is even more impactful when it comes with functional improvement as well! Our recent clients in Colleyville wanted their master bathroom to be more functional for them as they enter into their golden years. The original bathroom included a large jetted bathtub that neither of them used. The original shower was also very small and dated. They expressed their desire for a large walk-in shower with a luxury look, and our team was able to bring their dreams to life! See the full story and transformation photos on our project blog for this month. Read more

Our Off-Site Process Prior to Starting a Home Remodel

If you’ve been considering an extensive remodel, you are probably trying to mentally prepare for the weeks of construction that lie ahead for your home. Having a team of subcontractors and a project manager making visible changes to your kitchen or bathroom is a very exciting time; this is when your ideas truly come to life, as you can see the actual modifications taking place. What most homeowners don’t realize is that there is a lot of preliminary work that is done off-site prior to the demolition and construction. As anxious as many of our clients are to get started immediately after their consultation, there is a methodical process that must be followed beforehand in order to make the construction phase as smooth and seamless as possible. Read more

A Curbless Shower Transforms a 1997 Master Bath

For homeowners that have found their forever home, installing age-in-place features is an important consideration when remodeling. Our recent clients in Colleyville wanted to make their master bathroom safer and more functional for them as they enter their golden years. The main concern was a large unusable bathtub that wasted a ton of square footage. They knew they wanted it gone and hoped to take advantage of the area with a spacious walk-in shower. With this major change noted, our team explained the benefit of a custom design package for their project, which would allow them to see the changes through detailed floor plans and renderings. Not only is this a great visual tool, but it also serves as helpful avenue of communication. For this project, as with every project we take on, our designers wanted to ensure they could successfully meet our clients’ expectations. They drew up the floor plans and renderings showcasing the modifications. Read more

The Final Countdown: Complete Your Remodel By The 2023 Holiday Season!

The months always seem to fly by after the holidays. Before you know it, the summer is over, fall is upon us, and the end-of-the-year rush is just around the corner — yet again! Time has a way of eluding us and it continues to pass by. We all know how troublesome it can be to realize you have put off tasks thinking you have more time than you actually do.

One of the most common requests we hear from homeowners throughout each year is to complete their home remodel before the holiday season. This is typically a very doable thing, so long as the start date for the project is early enough. What many of our potential clients don’t realize is that the start date isn’t referring to the day construction begins; rather it is the beginning of the design process. The initial consultation, purchase of a design package, measure appointment, completion of designs and revisions, review meetings, and signing of the proposal for construction are all preliminary steps that are required before demolition day at your home. Read more

Our February 2023 Newsletter

Hosting guests for the holidays is something many homeowners look forward to all year, especially if they love to cook! For our recent clients in Arlington, they wanted to share their passion for cooking with the family to celebrate the season, but their original 1980’s kitchen just couldn’t accommodate. They came to us early last year with hopes of completing a full kitchen remodel in time for Thanksgiving, and our team delivered! Check out this month’s featured blog post to get the full story and see the transformation! Read more

Mike’s Guys Home Improvement: The Ease of a Free Virtual Estimate

If there is one common complaint we’ve heard from homeowners throughout the years, it is that they struggled to find a contractor that would follow-up after their initial conversation. Unfortunately, homeowners are often forced to deal with the frustration of waiting for an estimate that never comes. If you’ve ever experienced a disappearing contractor or non-responsive home improvement service, you know how infuriating it is to be seemingly forgotten about when you’re trying to get a project done. Read more

A 1980’s Kitchen Redesigned for 2 Home Cooks

For many of our clients, updating a space for improved functionality is just as important (or even more important) than updating for aesthetics alone. This is particularly true when the homeowner is an avid cook who enjoys spending time in the kitchen. For our recent clients in North Arlington, creating a “cook’s dream kitchen” was the overall goal for the remodel. Both clients loved prepping, cooking, and hosting dinners; they knew early on in the year that they wanted to host Thanksgiving 2022 at their home. Unfortunately, their existing kitchen wasn’t quite suitable for the occasion.  It lacked the amount of counter space and storage they desired, and the appliances did not meet their needs in regard to functionality. They met with our designers to discuss the pain-points and explore how the kitchen could be redesigned. Our team came up with a number of ways to improve the features of the space within the existing footprint in order to give the clients what they wanted. Read more

6 Home Projects to Plan for in 2023

If you haven’t done much upkeep in your home for several years, it might feel overwhelming to know where to start. Aside from a major, full-gut remodel in a kitchen or bathroom, there are many smaller projects that can be completed to contribute to a more modern look overall.

Aesthetically speaking, minor upgrades here and there can really make a big impact in your home as a whole as time goes by. One way to go about this is to choose a handful of small projects to complete independently throughout the year, resulting in a beautifully updated home over time. For example, refreshing the interior paint in the spring and replacing dated carpet with a solid-surface flooring in the fall can provide for a modern, updated look come holiday season. It may not be realistic for you to do everything at once, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with tackling small projects individually to slowly transform your dated home! Read more

Our January 2023 Newsletter

Reminiscing on some of our favorite projects from the last 12 months, this trendy kitchen we remodeled in South Arlington was at the top of the list. Our clients came to us with hopes of refreshing the 1978 kitchen with a more modern look, patterned tile, and a black-and-white color scheme. Not only were the aesthetics improved, but we were able to provide the clients with more usable space by removing a large walk-in pantry and bar area. Additional counter space, cabinetry, and a beverage center were added — just what this kitchen needed! Check out the full story and before and after photos on our blog post! Read more