6 Risks of Completing a Remodel without a Permit


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In our past blog post – Permits & Remodeling: What You Need to Know – we explained what permits are, what is involved when applying for a permit, and when it is necessary to obtain one. As a design-build firm, obtaining the required permits from the city prior to remodeling a home is part of our standard procedure. However, there are many instances in which remodeling companies, general contractors, or the homeowners themselves decide to pursue a project without getting the necessary permits. This isn’t surprising, as the hassle of getting a permit can seem tedious and time-consuming, especially if you are not familiar with the process. The permit might be expensive, require additional work to be done, and can cause delays in construction. Many homeowners might also think it’s not a big deal not to have a permit and aren’t concerned with getting caught.
Is it worth it to risk not getting a permit for your home remodeling project? Here are 6 risks of remodeling without a permit:
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Planning and Permits for a Major Addition Project

The permit for our garage and patio cover project was issued this week. The garage is a two-car extension of the existing garage, creating the ultimate his and her garage. The patio cover will replace an existing patio cover that was built flat and is leaking. Our CAD design software allows us to show the client how the new projects will look once complete. The illustrations show how the architecture becomes seamless with the existing house, which will help with the long-term value of the investment. Read more


April 3rd tornado in Arlington, Texas

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We are finally starting work on a couple of homes in Arlington that were damaged during the tornado on April 3rd. That was a crazy day, as approximately 13 tornadoes tore through the Ft. Worth-Dallas area. I was at our office in Dalworthington Gardens and Mike Jr., Dave and Neil were working on a house two miles away at Green Oaks and Pleasant Ridge. The tornado went right between us!!

I admit I’m one of those dummies who runs outside to see what’s going on when the sirens and warnings start. I did just that and there it was—the tornado had lifted and was heading north and west away from me. It hit some houses just a block from where Mike, Jr. was working. They could see the debris swirling in the air and he said there was insulation falling out of the sky like snow. The three of them spent a few cozy minutes with the homeowners hunkered down in a small bathroom. Mrs. Homeowner said it was cramped, but having all those big guys with them made them feel much safer. Read more