April 3rd tornado in Arlington, Texas

 Photo courtesy of Monique

We are finally starting work on a couple of homes in Arlington that were damaged during the tornado on April 3rd. That was a crazy day, as approximately 13 tornadoes tore through the Ft. Worth-Dallas area. I was at our office in Dalworthington Gardens and Mike Jr., Dave and Neil were working on a house two miles away at Green Oaks and Pleasant Ridge. The tornado went right between us!!

I admit I’m one of those dummies who runs outside to see what’s going on when the sirens and warnings start. I did just that and there it was—the tornado had lifted and was heading north and west away from me. It hit some houses just a block from where Mike, Jr. was working. They could see the debris swirling in the air and he said there was insulation falling out of the sky like snow. The three of them spent a few cozy minutes with the homeowners hunkered down in a small bathroom. Mrs. Homeowner said it was cramped, but having all those big guys with them made them feel much safer. Read more