Shed Doors and a Great Moonrise

My buddy Wes asked me to give him a hand with the doors on the boat shed at his lake house. As you can see, they were in horrible shape. Wood doors were used and the veneer was peeling off. We’ve replaced lots of shed doors over the years.
door before and after

If you have rotting shed doors, here are a few tips to replace them so you never have to do it again:

  • Consider going with one door instead of two. Unless you have a riding mower or something unusual that doesn’t fit in your house, one 36” door is the way to go.
  • Make sure the door is a metal-clad unit. A smooth surface doesn’t hold as much dirt and bug nests. If you need double doors, they are available in metal-clad units as well.
  • If you want the door to swing to the outside, make sure the door you have installed is an “out-swing” door. “In-swing” and “out-swing” doors are built differently for security and keeping the weather out.
  • For siding and trim, use cementitious siding and trim. is a good place to learn about this great product.
  • Consider putting a window in place of the second door for natural light and ventilation.
  • Caulk every siding and trim joint before painting. These products are already primed; use good quality paint like Sherwin Williams Super paint.

We replace doors and windows not only on sheds, but homes too! Visit with Charles Finney at to learn more about door and window options for your home. We install all their products, and he has a great fireplace display as well!

We did this project the weekend of the big moon. It was neat watching it rise and reflect on the lake.

Let me know if we can help you with any door or window projects.


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