Patio Door Installation Transforms an Outdoor Space

We were recently able to help a client breathe new life into his outdoor living area by installing patio doors for him, just in time for spring!

Patio Door Installation Transforms an Outdoor Space



We were recently able to help a client breathe new life into his outdoor living area by installing patio doors for him, just in time for spring!
Previously, the client’s living room was a dark and closed off, and did not allow direct access to his newly paved patio just on the other side of the exterior wall. The outside space was just as plain, with a blank brick wall alongside his new patio.

With the help of Nix Door & Hardware, we selected a French door entry to match the style of his home and provide a great view of his outdoor space from the living room. Read more

The Good, Better and Best Ways to Fix Noisy Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve lived in a house with other people for any length of time, you’ve most likely experienced trying to be quiet in the kitchen while others try to work or sleep. This can be a challenging and frustrating task if your kitchen cabinets and drawers are noisy! Even if you are not trying to keep quiet for others, a slamming cabinet door or rickety drawer can be quite the nuisance. Here are some options for putting a stop to the noise, once and for all:

The Source of Noisy Kitchen Cabinets

Even if you live in an older home, it’s still hard to believe that builders would really install wood cabinet doors knowing they would be slamming against the hard wood frame (surely it crossed someone’s mind how loud this would be, right?!) Most older kitchen cabinets were installed with a rubber bumper on the corners of each door and drawer to soften the impact when it closes. Unfortunately, these bumpers wear down and come off over time, and most people don’t replace them. Read more

Prep Your Home for Spring Storms! Our May 2016 Newsletter

Is your home ready for spring storms?


It’s spring time, and in Texas, that means one thing: spring storms! Our local Tarrant County, along with the majority of North Texas, has already experienced nature’s wrath this season — some with tornadoes, hail, flash floods, and damaging winds.


Unfortunately, there is no way to control the weather, but here are some tips to help you prepare for and safely endure Mother Nature’s fury:


Identify any existing roof or siding problems. Inspect your roof for missing shingles and possible leaks and do any repair work if necessary. Loose siding should also be repaired, as it can rip off easily in heavy winds. Read more

The BMAPC Foundation DFW Wine Festival

Did you know that 1 in every 8 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer? The Black Men Awareness of Prostate Cancer (BMAPC) Foundation of North Texas is working to lower that number and raise awareness about the disease. Their goal is to gather 200 males to test for prostate cancer, track and promote awareness, healthy eating and living to change their lives for a twelve month period of time. They will then proceed to every major city in the country, promoting the 200 man outreach program, contributing to a global awareness campaign, summit and conferences. The Foundation is forging a 24 month calendar detailing various activities to promote the awareness and cause for a cure. Read more

Should My New Stove be Gas or Electric?

A common question we get from clients when remodeling their kitchen is what type of stove they should get – gas or electric. What is the difference? Which one is better? Here are the basic differences between the two, and some pros and cons to help you decide which would be a better fit for you.

The Difference between Gas Stoves & Electric Stoves

Gas stoves use propane, butane, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas or other flammable gas as fuel to create a flame for cooking. The gas enters your stove from the main gas supply to your house and mixes with air. As that gas-air mixture is released through holes in the burner, the ignition system lights, creating a blue flame. As you turn the burner control knob, you control exactly how much gas reaches the burner. The higher you turn it, the more gas is released. Read more