Patio Door Installation Transforms an Outdoor Space


Patio Doors Installed

We were recently able to help a client breathe new life into his outdoor living area by installing patio doors for him, just in time for spring!
Previously, the client’s living room was a dark and closed off, and did not allow direct access to his newly paved patio just on the other side of the exterior wall. The outside space was just as plain, with a blank brick wall alongside his new patio.



Outdoor Space BEFORE Patio Doors Installed



With the help of Nix Door & Hardware, we selected a French door entry to match the style of his home and provide a great view of his outdoor space from the living room.



Patio Doors Installation



Patio Doors Installation


The doors create great visual appeal on the home’s exterior and really transformed the boring brick wall that was there before. The added access makes the renovated area a great place to enjoy the outdoors and host guests. We also installed an outdoor light beside the door, so the space can be enjoyed in the evenings as well.



After Patio Doors Installation



The project turned out great and now the client has a whole new look and functional element to his living room and patio space.



Do you have an outdoor space or room in your home that could be transformed by the installation of patio doors? If you are interested in this project, or have questions about ways to improve the look and functionality of your home, contact us today! We’d be happy to help!



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