The Good, Better and Best Ways to Fix Noisy Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve lived in a house with other people for any length of time, you’ve most likely experienced trying to be quiet in the kitchen while others try to work or sleep. This can be a challenging and frustrating task if your kitchen cabinets and drawers are noisy! Even if you are not trying to keep quiet for others, a slamming cabinet door or rickety drawer can be quite the nuisance. Here are some options for putting a stop to the noise, once and for all:

The Source of Noisy Kitchen Cabinets

Even if you live in an older home, it’s still hard to believe that builders would really install wood cabinet doors knowing they would be slamming against the hard wood frame (surely it crossed someone’s mind how loud this would be, right?!) Most older kitchen cabinets were installed with a rubber bumper on the corners of each door and drawer to soften the impact when it closes. Unfortunately, these bumpers wear down and come off over time, and most people don’t replace them. Read more