The Ultimate Shower and Tankless Water Heaters

Check out this shower we recently completed. It has shower heads on the wall and the ceiling, a hand-held shower head, three body sprays, and a six-position valve that controls which of the fixtures you want water coming out of, if not all of them. The bench along the back wall makes a great place to sit and enjoy the experience of the ultimate shower. It’s also designed without a door, and the opening is 30” wide in case a walker or chair is ever needed to get into the shower.

There are many types of spray systems available; this is the one we installed for this project: Delta Leland Monitor 17 Series Shower System Read more

Getting your Home Ready for Winter, and Stop Those Pesky Phone Calls

Now is the time to tackle a few chores to get your home ready for winter.

  1. Clean the gutters and roof. The dry fall we have had allows a lot of dust, dirt and leaves to settle in the gutters and on the roof. When it rains, this debris will clog the gutters and potentially cause a leak in the roof. It’s easy to remove when it’s dry, so try to get it done before it rains.
  2. Clean the vegetation around the house. Bugs and rodents are going to be looking for shelter as it gets cold and damp. Any vegetation that is touching the house is just what they’re looking for.
  3. Have your furnace inspected. If you haven’t had your furnace serviced and inspected in a couple of years, now is the time to do it. A quality service inspection includes lubricating the blower bearings, inspecting the intake and exhaust vents, checking the lighting system, checking for gas leaks, cleaning the dust from the blower compartment, testing the thermostat, checking the safety components, and checking the flue to be sure it is clean and open. In Tarrant County, we recommend our long-time HVAC Technician, Mike Morphis. He can be reached at 817-690-3502. A typical service call is $85.00 plus parts, if needed, which is a great value.
  4. Check the weatherstripping around your doors. The drought conditions over the last couple of years have caused our homes to shift, and often leaves gaps around our doors.

Stop Those Pesky Phone Calls

When I am at our client’s homes, especially the elderly ones, it’s disturbing how many times their phone will ring from solicitors calling. I’m surprised how many people don’t know about the Do Not Call Registry. It’s very easy to do, and takes less than a minute.

Either call 1-888-382-1222, or go to to register your phone number. This doesn’t take care of the problem completely, but it will give you some relief! Read more

Garage Door Maintenance

A friend recently called in a panic. She was leaving for work, and when she pushed the overhead door opener button, she heard a tremendous BANG, and the door sagged and stopped working. I went to take a look and saw that the door spring had broken. Four hours and a few hundred dollars to the Overhead Door Company later, she was able to get her car out of the garage and head to work.

She could have saved a lot of time, money and risk of danger if she had her door serviced once a year by the Overhead Door Company. For about $100.00, most garage door companies will do an annual service call that will greatly increase the lifespan of the door and keep you safer by avoiding broken springs, which can cause the door to fall very quickly. They will also catch signs of wear early, which will avoid more expensive emergency repairs in the future and keep your garage door opening and closing more smoothly and efficiently. Read more

Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen

We recently completed this wheelchair accessible kitchen. It was a fun, interesting and challenging design project for a fantastic client. As you can see from the before and after pictures below, we moved all of the features of the kitchen except the refrigerator to make the space more functional.

The sink and stovetop are designed to allow a wheelchair to roll under, and the microwave and oven are positioned to enable moving dishes to and from the counter comfortably. Over the pan drawers to the left of the stove, there are two pull-out work shelves for food preparation. The under-cabinet lighting shows off the beautiful tile and granite work, and makes the work space safer and easier to use. Read more