Cave Shower

We often get requests to convert a standard 5’ bathtub into a shower without a door, which can be done in many ways. One of my favorites is what I call the “cave shower.” The photograph shows one such “cave shower” we did for a client.

The wall is 30” wide, leaving a 30” opening. Having the wall and tile go to the ceiling—and tiling the ceiling—helps keep the steam in and gives the cave-like feeling. Using a wide shower head mounted up high causes the water to fall straight down so there isn’t much splash to the outside of the shower. The can light keeps it from being dark, and the soap niche mounted at the correct height is really handy. The wall makes a nice separator between the shower and toilet. Read more

The Ultimate Shower and Tankless Water Heaters

Check out this shower we recently completed. It has shower heads on the wall and the ceiling, a hand-held shower head, three body sprays, and a six-position valve that controls which of the fixtures you want water coming out of, if not all of them. The bench along the back wall makes a great place to sit and enjoy the experience of the ultimate shower. It’s also designed without a door, and the opening is 30” wide in case a walker or chair is ever needed to get into the shower.

There are many types of spray systems available; this is the one we installed for this project: Delta Leland Monitor 17 Series Shower System Read more