The Ultimate Shower and Tankless Water Heaters

doorless shower

Check out this shower we recently completed. It has shower heads on the wall and the ceiling, a hand-held shower head, three body sprays, and a six-position valve that controls which of the fixtures you want water coming out of, if not all of them. The bench along the back wall makes a great place to sit and enjoy the experience of the ultimate shower. It’s also designed without a door, and the opening is 30” wide in case a walker or chair is ever needed to get into the shower.

There are many types of spray systems available; this is the one we installed for this project: Delta Leland Monitor 17 Series Shower System

Tankless Water Heater
tankless water heaterWith the image of taking a very long and hot ultimate shower, one concern is having enough hot water to allow you to stay in the shower for as long as you want. The answer is a tankless water heater. The water is heated on demand rather than heated in a storage tank with limited capacity. We chose a Rinnai for this project. Rinnai has a great presentation of how the tankless water heater works here: How Tankless Works

Tankless water heaters are not always the best answer for a hot water system. Here is a very good article from Consumer Reports that discusses the pros and cons of a tankless hot water system.


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