From Historic Garages to Modern Garages: The History Behind Where You Park Your Ride

While doing research for permitting on a client’s historic home in Fairmont, we ran across this picture taken of it in the very early 1900’s.  This was during the horse drawn carriage era, before modern automobiles. The concrete block with the owner’s last name on it is a step to step on while getting out of the carriage, and the two pyramid-shaped stones with the hoops on top are to tie the horses off.

During this era, before 1910, most homes had a carriage house in which the horse and carriage were kept. Later on, as automobiles became more popular, these carriage houses were replaced with garages. Read more

4 Reasons Why Insulating Your Garage Door is a Good Idea!

Did you know that having an uninsulated attached garage is like having an oven attached to your home on those hot summer days?  And it’s like an icebox in the winter.  The garage tends to hold the heat and cold for a long period of time, so your heat and air conditioner is working harder and costing you money.  Insulating your garage door is one of the best ways to keep your garage temperature at a more moderate level making it easier on your heat and air conditioning system while saving you money. Read more

Garage Door Maintenance

A friend recently called in a panic. She was leaving for work, and when she pushed the overhead door opener button, she heard a tremendous BANG, and the door sagged and stopped working. I went to take a look and saw that the door spring had broken. Four hours and a few hundred dollars to the Overhead Door Company later, she was able to get her car out of the garage and head to work.

She could have saved a lot of time, money and risk of danger if she had her door serviced once a year by the Overhead Door Company. For about $100.00, most garage door companies will do an annual service call that will greatly increase the lifespan of the door and keep you safer by avoiding broken springs, which can cause the door to fall very quickly. They will also catch signs of wear early, which will avoid more expensive emergency repairs in the future and keep your garage door opening and closing more smoothly and efficiently. Read more