Concrete Work and Money Saving Tips about Your Air Conditioner

The slabs and driveway are poured on our garage and patio cover project. It’s tricky pouring concrete when the temperatures are as warm as they are this time of year. Once the concrete is mixed in the truck at the plant, it will be completely hard in about five hours. For this project, it took three trucks of concrete, a concrete pump truck, and eight highly skilled concrete finishers to get the concrete placed and finished in this short amount of time. Louis Flores and his team have been doing our concrete work for several years. This is actually a small job for them, and they got it finished nicely with apparent ease. Professionals always make it look easy. Framing is next!

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Demolition and Foundation Work

Our garage and patio cover project is underway. The initial demolition is complete, and we are now installing the foundation. We removed the patio cover, sidewalk, bushes and the brick from the wall where we are attaching the garage addition. This wall will eventually be gone, and removing the bricks lets us match the new floor right to the existing garage floor.

Below are the beams we dug for the new foundation. This is a floating foundation. We mimic the existing foundation so that as moisture causes the soil to expand and contract, the slabs move, or float on the soil at the same rate. The beams keep the slab in place and keep the slab from flexing. Read more

Planning and Permits for a Major Addition Project

The permit for our garage and patio cover project was issued this week. The garage is a two-car extension of the existing garage, creating the ultimate his and her garage. The patio cover will replace an existing patio cover that was built flat and is leaking. Our CAD design software allows us to show the client how the new projects will look once complete. The illustrations show how the architecture becomes seamless with the existing house, which will help with the long-term value of the investment. Read more

Mobile Phone Hell and Getting a Building Permit

The Smartphone has been a blessing for us Contractors. The amount of time they save us and convenience they provide is a huge windfall, and causes them to be a critical tool. So, it gets a bit hellish on days like last Thursday morning, when both mine and Michael’s smart phones stopped charging. What a coincidence that happened at the same time — we got to go through mobile phone hell together.

It started with a trip to the mobile phone store that lasted no less than four hours. We negotiated for new devices, switched plans and started up the new phones. Then, early that evening, I realized my new phone wasn’t charging, so back to the phone store at 10am Friday morning for another two hour round of mobile phone hell, which was compounded by the stress of being out of communication for nearly two days. They finally got it working — seems it needed to be reset by some secret combination of pushes that only some technician that was hard to reach on the phone knew about. Read more