Mobile Phone Hell and Getting a Building Permit

The Smartphone has been a blessing for us Contractors. The amount of time they save us and convenience they provide is a huge windfall, and causes them to be a critical tool. So, it gets a bit hellish on days like last Thursday morning, when both mine and Michael’s smart phones stopped charging. What a coincidence that happened at the same time — we got to go through mobile phone hell together.

It started with a trip to the mobile phone store that lasted no less than four hours. We negotiated for new devices, switched plans and started up the new phones. Then, early that evening, I realized my new phone wasn’t charging, so back to the phone store at 10am Friday morning for another two hour round of mobile phone hell, which was compounded by the stress of being out of communication for nearly two days. They finally got it working — seems it needed to be reset by some secret combination of pushes that only some technician that was hard to reach on the phone knew about. Read more