Man Cave!

A Man Cave is a room or area within a home where a person (I don’t see “Man” Cave as gender- or age-specific. Anyone can have a “Man” Cave) can pursue recreational activities or hobbies or just relax. I’ve designed and built hundreds of them over the past 30 years for all types of uses; entertaining, study, exercise, relaxing, trains, collections, mechanic shops, show car rooms, office, sewing rooms, pets, martial arts, yoga, poker, and a whole lot of other things, including a couple I probably shouldn’t mention!! Read more

Bathtub Envy

One of my favorite things to do is to take a long, hot, soaking, meditative bubble bath. So, when we install a tub like this one, I get a serious case of bathtub envy. What’s to be envious of? Take your pick of features:

  • Deep, drop-in design with a built in pillow
  • 72” length so you can be completely immersed
  • Eleven hydrotherapy jets with three speeds to massage your neck, back, legs and feet
  • 384 air ports from 21 injectors produce air bubbles that soothe your body, boost cardiac output, open pores and improve circulation
  • Inline heater so the water stays hot as long as you want
  • Underwater mood lighting with multiple color choices
  • Aromatherapy option diffuses your choice of fragrance through the air bubble system
  • Acrylic grab handles

See what I mean? What a great tub! I want one!

We used blue pearl granite for the tub deck. To fully appreciate the beauty of the granite, it needs to be seen in person. It contains specks of quartz that glisten with a blue tint with the play of the light on the polished surface of the stone, and is a striking addition to the room. Read more

Mother Nature is Trying to Eat Your House!


Mother Nature is literally trying to eat your home. We live in an organic world, where everything will be consumed eventually. The good news? With a little forethought and routine maintenance, you can protect your home from premature consumption.


The main cause of the premature deterioration of your home is vegetation being allowed to come in close contact with the roof, walls and foundation. If vegetation is allowed to lie against these areas, it creates a shelter that holds moisture. Before you know it, a little ecosystem is created that begins to eat your home. The first residents to show up are bugs, then rodents find a nice home there, and then come the bigger rodents. These unwanted visitors have the potential to create a huge, expensive mess. Read more

Rainwater Collection

A rainwater collection system is a useful and exciting addition to a garden or patio. Water conservation, especially in light of last year’s drought, should be at the top of the list when considering improvements to the outside of your home. It’s also a fun project, as each one has to be designed to fit the available space, circumstances, and requirements of the homeowner. I like to design systems that rely on gravity for flow, as using a pump seems to defeat the purpose of rain water collection, which is inherently “green” and eco-friendly.
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