A Comprehensive Bathroom Remodel Checklist

A Guest Post by Adrienne McGuire


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Remodeling your bathroom can be one of the most impactful changes you can make in your home. A design that not only resonates with your aesthetics, but also makes your morning and evening routines easier can be a breath of fresh air in your everyday life.

The Medford Design-Build team understands the importance of a positive experience and a quality finished product. Our trusted team of professionals can get your project completed on budget and on time, yielding beautiful results that will last a lifetime. We will work with you to create a detailed plan based on your vision for your remodel and provide a detailed custom design package to outline every aspect of the process. Read more

A Glamorous Master Bathroom Renovation


Our recent bathroom project involved renovating a large master bathroom in an upper-end Arlington, Texas home. The existing bathroom was quality and functional, but it was definitely dated with the typical brown tones, wallpaper and fixtures of the 1980’s. All of the dark, earthy colors paired with the poor lighting created a cave-like atmosphere, which made the space feel dim and smaller than it actually was. The clients wanted to brighten the room with a fresher, more modern look, updated features and specialty amenities to match the rest of their luxury home.
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Bathtub Envy

One of my favorite things to do is to take a long, hot, soaking, meditative bubble bath. So, when we install a tub like this one, I get a serious case of bathtub envy. What’s to be envious of? Take your pick of features:

  • Deep, drop-in design with a built in pillow
  • 72” length so you can be completely immersed
  • Eleven hydrotherapy jets with three speeds to massage your neck, back, legs and feet
  • 384 air ports from 21 injectors produce air bubbles that soothe your body, boost cardiac output, open pores and improve circulation
  • Inline heater so the water stays hot as long as you want
  • Underwater mood lighting with multiple color choices
  • Aromatherapy option diffuses your choice of fragrance through the air bubble system
  • Acrylic grab handles

See what I mean? What a great tub! I want one!

We used blue pearl granite for the tub deck. To fully appreciate the beauty of the granite, it needs to be seen in person. It contains specks of quartz that glisten with a blue tint with the play of the light on the polished surface of the stone, and is a striking addition to the room. Read more