4 Popular Bathtub Styles to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel


When it comes to bathroom remodeling, a current trend among homeowners is to remove an unused bathtub to free up more space for an enlarged shower. There is nothing wrong with getting rid of the bathtub in the master, but we often suggest keeping at least one tub in the home for functionality and possible future resale. Of course, a bathtub should not be restricted to a guest bathroom simply because of current trends! In fact, many of our clients still want a bathtub in the master suite and consider it a part of the “home spa” experience. Along with various features that can be included, the style of the bathtub can be customized to match the updated look of your remodel. If you’re not sure how a bathtub would work aesthetically with your renovated bathroom, here are 4 styles to consider:


1. Undermount

One of the most popular tub styles that gives a high-end appearance is the undermount style. Undermount tubs are just that – bathtubs that are mounted under a tub deck material, such as a marble, granite, or quartz. The rim of the tub is hidden by the tub deck material, creating a built-in look. It is then faced to match the style of the rest of the room. Many of our clients choose the cabinet panel look to tie in with their cabinetry, but tile or other materials can also be used.








2. Freestanding

Freestanding bathtubs are another popular choice. Because they are not framed in, they can make your bathroom feel more spacious. Depending on where they are placed, they are usually easier to reach when using or cleaning. These types of tubs come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, allowing them to easily become the show-stopping focal point of the room. It’s important to consider the plumbing that is required for freestanding tubs, as many of them require additional concrete and plumbing work to install. They also allow for more flexibility regarding the placement of the tub itself, as well as the location of the tub filler. Both floor-mounted tub fillers and wall-mounted tub fillers are popular options.









3. Alcove

Alcove tubs are what you see most in guest bathrooms. Also referred to as recessed tubs, they fit inside a 3-sided enclosure and often include a tub-shower combination to conserve space. Cast iron, enameled steel, acrylic, fiberglass, or stone resin are the most common materials used for this type of tub. Alcove tubs are both functional and convenient options when space is limited.









4. Drop-in

Drop-in tubs are tubs that do not have any finished sides on them – they are a shell “dropped in” to an open hole in a surround structure. The lip of the tub sits on top of the surround; a different look than undermounts or standard alcoves. Drop-ins are usually more cost-efficient as the tubs are often made of acrylic. Many homeowners choose this type of bathtub when installing into a tiled tub surround structure.






If you are considering a bathroom remodel and want to include a bathtub, our designers would be happy to chat more with you about these options. Contact us today for more information!



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