Mike’s Guys: 3 Exterior Projects to Prep Your Home for Spring

Spring is only a few weeks away, and the weather in North Texas is already giving us a preview of what the upcoming stormy season holds. Just a few days ago, it reached nearly 80 degrees in DFW, followed by a bitter cold-front and heavy rain. The rollercoaster of high and low temperatures coupled with bouts of rain, winds, and hail can make it a harsh environment for outside structures such as your home. We say this every year, but as a team of home improvement professionals, we cannot stress enough how important it is to perform routine maintenance on your home’s exterior prior to the stormy seasons! Repairing, updating, and maintaining your home ahead of time will prevent much more serious issues down the road. Read more

Your Home’s Exterior Siding: When to Replace & How to Maintain


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Replacing your home’s siding probably isn’t the first of your priorities; unless there’s an urgent problem, most people don’t think about it too often. However, replacing worn-out, cracked, or leaking siding is very important in the prevention of more serious (and expensive!) future home repairs. If you haven’t checked your home’s exterior siding in a while, now is a good time!
Here are 7 warning signs it might be time to replace your siding:
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Giving a Home an Exterior Facelift!

Check out the exterior facelift we recently gave this home. A few small changes can make a world of difference!
As you can see, the home was very plain and uninteresting with two stories of brick. It was lacking that extra detail to help it stand out in a neighborhood of “cookie-cutter” houses.

After talking with the client to get a clear grasp on her vision, our team got to work creating 3-D renderings and concept drawings, allowing the client to see just how the finished design would look. The drawings alone proved the completed project would make a huge impact on the visual interest of the home.

Our craftsmen proceeded to mount the shutters and the awning they created to the home.

The finished design turned out great. The Client was very happy with the results and the beautiful curb appeal of her newly updated home!

Let us know if you’re interested in adding some attractive curb appeal to your home!


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Mother Nature is Trying to Eat Your House!


Mother Nature is literally trying to eat your home. We live in an organic world, where everything will be consumed eventually. The good news? With a little forethought and routine maintenance, you can protect your home from premature consumption.


The main cause of the premature deterioration of your home is vegetation being allowed to come in close contact with the roof, walls and foundation. If vegetation is allowed to lie against these areas, it creates a shelter that holds moisture. Before you know it, a little ecosystem is created that begins to eat your home. The first residents to show up are bugs, then rodents find a nice home there, and then come the bigger rodents. These unwanted visitors have the potential to create a huge, expensive mess. Read more