Remodeling a Fireplace to Make it a Focal Point, and Getting to Know Houzz

One of our clients recently purchased a home and was anxious to make her lack-luster fireplace into an eye-catching focal point.   Here is the client’s fireplace before the renovation. As you can see, it was dated and uninteresting.   The client did the smart thing and did some research so she could […]

Fun Fall Outings: Visit the Pumpkin Patch

If you’re looking for fun outdoor activities to enjoy with your family this fall, a trip to a local pumpkin patch is a must! There are various pumpkin patches set up around town (see a list here), but one of the largest is at Trinity United Methodist Church in West Arlington. This is the third […]

12 Tips for a Successful Kitchen Design

When we help a client design a kitchen, there are many aspects to consider to be sure the kitchen functions efficiently, and safely. Here is a check list of things to think about: Is there enough counter space between appliances and sinks? Building codes require there to be a minimum of 12” of counter space […]

8 Ways to Save Energy this Fall and Winter

Cooler temperatures outside means it’s time to heat the inside; which could result in a higher electricity bill. Here are some tips to help you keep your home warm and your bills low this fall and winter! 1. Take Advantage of Natural Heat Opening curtains on your south-facing windows during the day is a […]

Six Ways People Unintentionally Harm Their Houses

Here are six things I see people do that potentially harm their home without realizing it: 1. How do you clean your home’s exterior?   Pressure washing is a great way to tidy up the exterior of your house quickly, without a ton of effort on your part. Unfortunately, it can be equally as […]

Celebrating the Second Annual Cowtown Cook-Off

Here at Medford Remodeling, we take great pride in supporting and giving back to the DFW community. It is encouraging to hear about the positive impact local associations, such as the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Fort Worth, make in the lives of our youth. Serving over 14,000 children and young adults, the Boys […]

Giving a Home an Exterior Facelift!

Check out the exterior facelift we recently gave this home. A few small changes can make a world of difference!     As you can see, the home was very plain and uninteresting with two stories of brick. It was lacking that extra detail to help it stand out in a neighborhood of […]

Get Busy on Those Fall To-Do’s!

The holiday season will be here before you know it. Now is the time to get started on those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off, so your home will be in mint condition for those upcoming holiday parties! Here’s a quick checklist to help you get a head start on your fall […]