Garage to Ultimate Pub Conversion


Check out this pub we installed in a client’s garage. The client wanted a space to display his liquor collection and entertain friends.


This is what the space looked like before we started. Once everything was moved out of the way, we had a clean canvas to work from.


After discussing ideas with our clients, we created detailed renderings for a custom bar. The designs expressed a rustic look with stone accents and reclaimed wood, providing a unique place to entertain guests and wind down after a long day.
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7 Hidden Problems To Check For in an Older Home


Nearly all of our clients already live in or have recently purchased a home that is 30 + years old. While homes are built to last and tend to age slowly if taken care of, there are still some issues that will undoubtedly present themselves in older homes. Consistent maintenance can greatly lengthen a home’s life, as can the original quality of construction, but the older a home is, the more likely you are to find issues impacting its livability and even safety!

Here is a list of 7 common problems to check for in an older home:
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Happy Valentine’s Day! Our February 2016 Newsletter

We love our clients, and want to wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day!

Over the last 30 years, we have helped thousands of clients across Tarrant County with their renovation and remodeling projects, allowing them to fall in love with their homes again! Whether it was a kitchen, bathroom, covered patio, room addition, or other type of remodeling project, we have consistently received positive feedback and reviews across the board. As each of our client relationships hold a special place in our hearts, we could not be more thankful! Read more

Is It OK to Remove Your Master Bathtub?

One common question we get from our clients that are considering a master bathroom remodel is whether or not they should keep their bathtub. Most people would rather have a large master bathroom shower and no bathtub rather than having a small shower and a tub they never use.

Here are some aspects to consider if you are on the fence about keeping your bathtub:

Does Your Home Have a Second Bathroom With a Bathtub?
Most homes are built with tubs or shower-tub combos in each full-sized bathroom throughout the house, so many homes have a minimum of two tubs. In this case, taking out the master bathtub is no big deal. However, if your master bathroom bathtub is the only bathtub in the house, you should not remove it! Read more