YouTube and Mosquito Season is Here

Check out this great video Elizabeth put together for our YouTube page: We will do our best to put up a new video each month that will hopefully entertain and educate you about home remodeling. Please give us a thumbs up, like, or leave a comment. Thanks!

Mosquito Season

Last year’s mosquito season was bad, with many people falling ill and dying with the West Nile Virus. With all the rain we’ve been getting, this year could be another bad one. Here is a reminder of what you can do to help protect yourself, your family and neighbors. Read more

Seven Steps for Moving Forward With a Bathroom or Kitchen Remodeling Project

For most homeowners, kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects generally start from one of many different arenas; appliances, counter tops, cabinets, floor tile, lighting, painting, etc. Many times homeowners contemplate this item for a period of time and then start interviewing contractors to help them. They then discover that they need a complete remodeling job, not an item-specific one. So a seemingly easy, what-color-do-I-choose decision turns into dozens of decisions that have to be made for the project to be successful. Read more

Installation of a Tornado Shelter, Just in Time for a Spring Storm

It looks like we completed this tornado shelter just in time—The National Weather Service has north Texas under a severe storm warning tonight and tomorrow morning. Hopefully the client won’t need it, but what a comfortable feeling they must have, knowing they have someplace safe to go if a tornado does bear down on them.

This is a well-designed shelter which is surprisingly big. You can get a lot of people and stuff in one of these. Installation is a couple-of-days process, and here is how it went: Read more

Don’t Waste Your Money on an Arbor; Go with a Solid Patio Cover

We recently finished this great-looking patio cover. Its design stemmed from the client’s desire for a cedar arbor and my desire for the client to have a more functional and long-lasting structure. When first built, arbors like the ones pictured below are beautiful. The problem is that they instantly go into a state of decay because of the way they are built and the exposure the wood has to the elements. If vines or other vegetation are allowed to grow on an arbor, it decays even faster. The numerous joints on horizontal surfaces of the arbor will hold water, which will soak into the wood regardless of how well it is stained or painted. Within a few years all the little rotten spots will get out of hand and the structure will have to be taken down. Read more