The Single Best Way to Prepare for Spring Storms: Our May 2015 Newsletter

It’s spring time, and in Texas, that means one thing: spring storms. Many of the states that fall into ‘Tornado Alley’ have already experienced nature’s wrath this season — some with tornadoes, hail, flash floods, and damaging winds. It’s truly devastating to see the shredded remains of neighborhoods and communities that have been left in the wake of these natural disasters, and even more devastating to hear of families, friends, and neighbors who’s lives were lost as a result. We urge you to take precaution when severe weather is in the forecast this season! Read more

Installation of a Tornado Shelter, Just in Time for a Spring Storm

It looks like we completed this tornado shelter just in time—The National Weather Service has north Texas under a severe storm warning tonight and tomorrow morning. Hopefully the client won’t need it, but what a comfortable feeling they must have, knowing they have someplace safe to go if a tornado does bear down on them.

This is a well-designed shelter which is surprisingly big. You can get a lot of people and stuff in one of these. Installation is a couple-of-days process, and here is how it went: Read more

Severe Weather Preparedness – The Newest Remodeling Trend

This week is National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, sponsored by FEMA and NOAA. This is effort is a good one because I remember so many of us getting caught off guard last April when about a dozen tornadoes tore through the Fort Worth – Dallas Metroplex. We were fortunate that these were small tornadoes as far as tornadoes go, or the damage could have been catastrophically worse.

It did get people’s attention, though. I’ve noticed in our remodeling design and planning that shelter and safety from the forces of nature is becoming more and more of a concern and a remodeling trend. The projects include large fortified supply closets, storm shelters both under and above ground, and safe rooms. Read more