Walk-In Bathtubs

Check out this walk-in bathtub we recently installed, along with the great-looking tile surround. We are installing more and more walk- in bathtubs as a result of our aging population and our clients wanting to age in their homes rather than going to a retirement facility. This is a highly functional bathtub that is ideal for those who have problems getting in and out of a traditional bathtub. Simply open the door, step up about three inches, close the door, sit down, turn on the water and you are on your way to a safe and comfortable bath. Read more

High Tech Pet Doors and Iron Entry Doors

We recently installed an electronic pet door for one of our client’s dogs. Over the years, we’ve installed a bunch of the simple flap style pet doors, and they always work out fine, except the occasional entry from stray cats, skunks, raccoons, etc., which our client wanted to avoid. The electronic door seemed to be the answer. After researching, I decided the High Tech Pet Company electronic door was the way to go. I was a little nervous about it, but in the end, it all worked out great. I ordered it online, it was here within two weeks, the quality of the pet door was better than I expected, and it installed easily. We put the transmitter on the client’s dog and it was happily going in and out the door in no time. Read more

Don’t Let Your Water Heater Become a Source of Mayhem

This past weekend, I saw an entertaining TV commercial where the Allstate Insurance Mayhem Guy posed as a water heater, got his pressure relief valve stuck, and turned into what he called a “rocket propelled wrecking ball.” If you haven’t seen it, here is a link to the commercial.

It might be a bit far-fetched that a water heater would blow up and launch, but their point that a water heater can cause mayhem and a lot of damage is well taken. A vessel in the middle of your house with pressurized hot water—heated by natural gas or 220 volt electricity—has the potential to cause a lot of damage if it fails, and believe me, I know it happens because we often get called out to fix the damage from a failed water heater. Read more

Severe Weather Preparedness – The Newest Remodeling Trend

This week is National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, sponsored by FEMA and NOAA. This is effort is a good one because I remember so many of us getting caught off guard last April when about a dozen tornadoes tore through the Fort Worth – Dallas Metroplex. We were fortunate that these were small tornadoes as far as tornadoes go, or the damage could have been catastrophically worse.

It did get people’s attention, though. I’ve noticed in our remodeling design and planning that shelter and safety from the forces of nature is becoming more and more of a concern and a remodeling trend. The projects include large fortified supply closets, storm shelters both under and above ground, and safe rooms. Read more