High Tech Pet Doors and Iron Entry Doors

electronic pet door

We recently installed an electronic pet door for one of our client’s dogs. Over the years, we’ve installed a bunch of the simple flap style pet doors, and they always work out fine, except the occasional entry from stray cats, skunks, raccoons, etc., which our client wanted to avoid. The electronic door seemed to be the answer. After researching, I decided the High Tech Pet Company electronic door was the way to go. I was a little nervous about it, but in the end, it all worked out great. I ordered it online, it was here within two weeks, the quality of the pet door was better than I expected, and it installed easily. We put the transmitter on the client’s dog and it was happily going in and out the door in no time.

To learn more about these great dog doors and other high tech pet products, visit High Tech Pet Company.

Iron Doors
Below are the before and after photos of an iron door unit we recently installed. I love these doors! The door and frame are foam-filled, and the glass is double-pane low-E. It has roller bar and magnetic catches—it takes a bit of a tug to open, which reminds you what a secure door it is. Even the frame is iron. This one has vent windows on each side.
iron door before and after
For iron door ideas visit Nix Door and Hardware, and check out the Entrada Doors on their website. Nix has an awesome showroom with all types of door displays. Ask for Charles Finney, and let him know we sent you.

We install any type of door in a house, even garage doors. Contact us if we can help with your doors.


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