Front Door Security

We often get called out to repair, replace and fortify front doors after a home is broken into. It’s always a gut-wrenching feeling, seeing what the homeowner is going through emotionally. Because of these experiences, one of my favorite products to install is a wrought iron security door. They are the ultimate first line of safety defense.

These security doors offer wonderful protection when you are away or at home. The door hinges are welded to a 2” steel frame, and the lockset and deadbolt are secured into the frame as well. The average burglar isn’t getting past it. They come with tempered glass that can easily be removed and replaced with screens if you want some fresh air. Read more

A New Toy, YouTube and Start the Fall Season Right with Five Maintenance Tips

It’s been at least 20 years since I’ve shopped for a video camera, and nearly that long since I’ve used one. I’ll admit I wasn’t looking forward to shopping for—and learning to use—a new video camera. Not knowing how much time the process was going to take, what electronic glitches would come along with the computer, and trying to get the videos to a finished product on YouTube had me a little stressed.

I couldn’t have been more surprised when the video camera shopping, learning to use it, setting up an account on YouTube and posting to it only took about four stress-free hours! Best Buy had an awesome educational display with a well-trained associate to walk me through my wants and needs. The camera is smaller than a 12-ounce drink can, and is packed full of features that make it very easy to use in many different ways. This is a far cry from 20-year-old memories of a suitcase-size box sitting on my shoulder producing films on VHS tapes. Read more

Safe Rooms, Home Shows and YouTube

This past weekend I attended the Dallas Home Show. I usually go to at least one home show a year hoping to get inspiration or some new ideas. Everything is bigger in Dallas, and this home show was definitely the biggest disappointment for a home show as I’ve seen. I’m sure the few vendors who paid to be there felt the same way. About 75% of the booths were filled, many selling things that had nothing to do with homes, and the attendance was very low. The NARI guys did put together a nice display. Dallas does have some great remodelers and their marketing is always first class, but the reality is that the Internet is the new home show. Read more

IKEA-ing a Closet, a Trend Alert, and a Very Cool APP for Your Smart Phone

IKEA-ing a Closet is a term I coined after a client recently asked us to tear out the traditional bedroom closets in her kid’s rooms and build a closet unit that utilized the space like the ones IKEA sells. In the past, the client had purchased closet components from IKEA for their master bedroom closet, so she had a great sense of what was needed for the kid’s closets. The result was a great looking closet with the cubic footage inside the closet maximized to store clothes, shoes and whatever else it is that kids store in their closets. Read more