IKEA-ing a Closet, a Trend Alert, and a Very Cool APP for Your Smart Phone

Ikea Closets Installed
IKEA-ing a Closet is a term I coined after a client recently asked us to tear out the traditional bedroom closets in her kid’s rooms and build a closet unit that utilized the space like the ones IKEA sells. In the past, the client had purchased closet components from IKEA for their master bedroom closet, so she had a great sense of what was needed for the kid’s closets. The result was a great looking closet with the cubic footage inside the closet maximized to store clothes, shoes and whatever else it is that kids store in their closets.

If you haven’t been to IKEA, I highly recommend you take a road trip to Frisco and see what it’s all about. I went for my first time during this project. It took me four hours to go through both levels of the store; they were smart and put a great restaurant near the escalators between the two floors. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/

Vinyl Flooring is Making a Comeback in a Big Way
Vinyl (PVC or polyvinyl chloride) was invented in the 1920’s and was first used for flooring in the 1930’s. The durable and easy-to-clean surface—along with the low cost—has always been appealing, but vinyl floors have been looked down upon by many homeowners who want a higher-end look.

Thanks to technological advances, today’s vinyl floors are unbelievable in quality and appearance. My favorites are the ones that are made to look like stone, tile and wood. They look like the real thing while giving the benefit of a no-slip surface, no grout or re-staining maintenance. These floors will last for decades. You need to see these for yourself to believe it; I promise you will be amazed.

If you want to see and learn more about vinyl floors, go to Prosource Flooring (http://www.prosourcefloors.com/fortworth). Their showroom is open to the public, so go check out their great selection, or contact Stephanie via our web page to set up a free in-home consultation.
new vinyl examples

Google Sky Map
If you aren’t a fellow Star Gazer, this free app will make you one. It’s a 360-degree map of the sky; it shows stars, planets and constellations. If you see a star or planet in the sky, hold your smart phone up and it tells you what it is. The map shows what is below the horizon so you can see what is rising. I was able to use it the other night to see exactly where on the horizon the blue moon was going to rise. http://www.google.com/mobile/skymap/

Have fun!


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