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wrought iron security door
We often get called out to repair, replace and fortify front doors after a home is broken into. It’s always a gut-wrenching feeling, seeing what the homeowner is going through emotionally. Because of these experiences, one of my favorite products to install is a wrought iron security door. They are the ultimate first line of safety defense.

These security doors offer wonderful protection when you are away or at home. The door hinges are welded to a 2” steel frame, and the lockset and deadbolt are secured into the frame as well. The average burglar isn’t getting past it. They come with tempered glass that can easily be removed and replaced with screens if you want some fresh air.

security door deadbolt

One of the great benefits of these doors is being able to see and being able to communicate with whomever it is that’s ringing the doorbell without being vulnerable to an intrusion. They are made locally by Rodgers Ornamental Iron. The Rodgers family has been operating their business since 1966! Check out the awesome railings, stairs and gates on their website,

wrought iron security door

Here are a few front door security tips:

  • Make sure you have a way to view and interact with the person ringing your doorbell. Options other than a security door are video and intercom systems, side lights and wide-angle peep holes.
  • Take your phone to the door with you. If anything seems odd at all, call 911 without hesitation. It’s better to call 911 unnecessarily than expose yourself to any risk.
  • Make sure you know your caller’s identity before admitting them. If the person at your door is a stranger, ask for visible identification. If they are unable to do this, do not let them in and call 911 immediately.
  • If a security door doesn’t fit your décor, be sure to check out the iron doors I mentioned in this blog Safe Rooms, Home Shows and YouTube.

The odds of your home being burglarized are pretty low. They can be much, much lower with a little forethought and consideration; peace of mind is worth the time and investment. Please call us if you’d like a free evaluation of your home’s front door security.

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