Aging in Place

You will be hearing more and more about Aging in Place due to the maturing baby boomer generation. In the year 2000, there were approximately 35 million people over 65. By 2030, there will be over 70 million, which is over 20% of the population!

As remodeling designers, we spend a lot of time helping people figure out how they can live comfortably and safely in their homes for as long as possible. The biggest issues everyone will face are decreased strength, mobility, balance and vision, which lead to struggles with everyday tasks like bathing. Read more

Fireplace Remodeling

I enjoy remodeling traditional brick fireplaces. They can be transformed in so many ways, the possibilities are endless, and the results are usually stunning. On this project, we are creating a cabin-like feel in a small den. We chose to go with a rustic contemporary design.

We salvaged the stone from a patio demolition, and the cedar log came from a friend’s field. The outline of the fireplace was drawn on the garage floor and the pieces were laid out to get a sense of how it was going to come together. Read more

Garage Interior Finish and What’s that Black Stuff on Your Brick?

After five weeks of on-site work time, our garage and patio cover project will be complete this week. Check out that interior finish! It’s the ultimate garage finish, painted floor, wood-sheathed walls painted white and a plenty of light. I don’t know about you, but it sure makes me want a new garage!

The patio cover is complete; the light-colored paint on the ceiling makes the space feel bigger than it is. I like the way the white fans blend in; darker ones tend to create a visual barrier and make the ceiling feel lower. The new patio furniture is going to look great! Read more

Garage and Patio Cover Project Update and Dealing with Those Pesky Mosquitoes

We are about to wrap up the exterior portion of our garage and patio cover project. The roof is on, the brick is being laid and the final trim details on the patio cover are being completed. Exterior paint and finishing the inside are all that is left. The inside of the garage was insulated today. The walls and ceiling will be paneled with OSB sheathing and then painted bright white. The floor will be painted with grey two-part epoxy paint and rubber flakes. This is going to be a great looking garage! Read more

Framing Studs and Staying Cool When it’s 110

When adding new structures on the outside of your home, or tearing out and remodeling rooms on the inside, having guys like Dave and Neil on hand is a huge plus. These two are highly skilled remodelers. They are master framing and trim carpenters, with above average skills and knowledge in all phases of remodeling, including painting, drywall, tile and light plumbing and electrical.

The framing is well under way on our garage and patio cover project. On the patio cover, you can see the old one was attached to the end of the rafters and was flat, which is a design that is destined to fail. We framed the new roof into the existing roof at a higher point so it can drain properly. The overhang detail will match the existing overhang so it doesn’t look like an add-on. This patio cover will be here as long as the house is standing. Read more