Garage Interior Finish and What’s that Black Stuff on Your Brick?

finished garage floor walls ceiling
After five weeks of on-site work time, our garage and patio cover project will be complete this week. Check out that interior finish! It’s the ultimate garage finish, painted floor, wood-sheathed walls painted white and a plenty of light. I don’t know about you, but it sure makes me want a new garage!

The patio cover is complete; the light-colored paint on the ceiling makes the space feel bigger than it is. I like the way the white fans blend in; darker ones tend to create a visual barrier and make the ceiling feel lower. The new patio furniture is going to look great!

pario and garage exterior




What is that Black Stuffon Your Brick?


A client asked me yesterday what the black stuff on his brick is. It’s mold. Brick is porous and if it stays damp, mold will start growing. It’s very common on the north side of a structure where sunlight and wind don’t get a chance to dry the surface, and on areas that stay damp from overwatering.


black mold on brick

Here are a few tips to deal with mold on brick:

  • Clean the brick thoroughly with an anti-microbial agent such as diluted bleach
  • If you don’t want the mold to come back, seal the brick with a masonry sealer
  • If you do seal the area where mold grows, you’ll need to clean and seal the entire wall to end points or corners, because the sealed and unsealed areas will start to look different as time passes

Here is a good “how to” on cleaning mold from brick:

Here is a good “how to” on sealing the brick:

If you do this project, be safe standing on that ladder!


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