Vacationing on the Buffalo River, Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation, and Getting Back to Work

Last week my dog Buddy and I traveled to Arkansas to canoe the river and camp on the banks of the lower Buffalo River Wilderness area, and fished for trout on the White River. The Buffalo River trip is 29 miles long and takes three days. Along with the incredible scenic beauty, this wilderness area is pristine.

The water is so crystal clear, that six feet below the surface, huge gar can be seen swimming upstream. Bald eagles feed their young on the shorelines; fox, otters, deer and all sorts of wildlife are abundant, and the fishing is great. And best of all, the cell phone doesn’t work! Read more

Love Your Home with Maintenance and Save Money, Too!

Check out the “Home Maintenance Checklist” Elizabeth is putting together for us. We are trying to make the checklist as comprehensive as possible without being overwhelming. The checklist is designed for you to systematically check and maintain the various components of your home.

The list is long, and without a checklist, it’s no wonder you occasionally miss something that’s not working properly and it ends up costing you a big-money repair. A run through on this checklist two to four times a year will keep you on top of your home’s maintenance and save you a bunch of money! Read more

Por favor cambie las pilas en el detector de humo!

This past Saturday morning, at 2 AM, I was awakened to a man’s voice coming from my hallway, saying with urgency, “Por favor cambie las pilas en el detector de humo! Por favor cambie las pilas en el detector de humo!” Although startled, I was instantly put at ease once I saw my dogs weren’t reacting. Then I figured it out; it was the smoke alarm telling me to change the batteries, in Spanish!

From FEMA’s web site: A properly installed and maintained smoke alarm is the only thing in your home that can alert you and your family to a fire 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you’re awake or asleep, a working smoke alarm is constantly on alert, scanning the air for fire and smoke. Read more

A Tip That Will Reduce the Dust in Your Home and Save You Money!

A client recently asked me if I had any ideas why his house was so dusty. I stopped by to take a look and figured out the problem right away. The air vent boots in the ceiling weren’t sealed at the drywall, so when the heat or air conditioning turned on, air was being pulled in from the attic along with dust. The dust around the vent cover was a clue this was the case. When I pulled the cover off, sure enough, I could see right into the attic.

This is an easy do-it-yourself project. Here’s what you need to do to caulk your vent boots: Read more