Vacationing on the Buffalo River, Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation, and Getting Back to Work

Last week my dog Buddy and I traveled to Arkansas to canoe the river and camp on the banks of the lower Buffalo River Wilderness area, and fished for trout on the White River. The Buffalo River trip is 29 miles long and takes three days. Along with the incredible scenic beauty, this wilderness area is pristine.

The water is so crystal clear, that six feet below the surface, huge gar can be seen swimming upstream. Bald eagles feed their young on the shorelines; fox, otters, deer and all sorts of wildlife are abundant, and the fishing is great. And best of all, the cell phone doesn’t work!

If you ever want to visit this fabulous place, here is a great resource:

If you want to catch lots of beautiful trout like pictured below, call Donald, he can make it happen:

Here are a few tips to keep your home safe while on vacation:

  • Keep things functioning as normally as possible at your home by enlisting friends and/or neighbors to watch your pets and pick up your mail and newspapers
  • Put a timer on interior and exterior lights to make them go on and off in the evenings and mornings
  • If you are gone for an extended period, make sure your landscape is trimmed
  • It’s obvious, but make sure all windows, doors, garage doors and gates are locked, and unplug the garage door opener
  • Be cautious about broadcasting your trip, especially online!

Back to Work
We are about to start a great garage and patio cover addition project. I’ll post updates as it comes along so you can experience the process and maybe come up with some ideas of your own.

Happy summer—hope it’s a great one for you!


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