6 Tips You Need to Know When Buying Replacement Windows

Few home repair projects can provide you the pay-back of window replacement. Quality replacement windows will not only refresh the look of tired windows, but also help you save on your monthly energy bill year round, make your home quieter, and increase your home’s resale value.

6 Tips for Buying Replacement Windows:

  1. Before you do anything, determine how many windows need to be replaced throughout your home. It’s ultimately more effective to have all windows replaced at the same time, as old windows can be less energy efficient and cost you more on your electric bill in the long run.
  1. Decide on a budget. The cost of windows can range greatly, depending on the type of glass, size, shape, and required installation. When shopping, gather several estimates so you get a true cost for the replacement windows. This will narrow your options and ease the process. Compare companies by getting a breakdown on the estimates for materials, labor and any costs of disposing of the old windows.
  1. Choose the right time of year for the project. Replacing windows involves the old windows being totally removed, meaning your house will be open for brief periods of time. Having this done in the dead of winter might not be a good plan! Likewise, having several open windows during the hot summer will be hard on your air conditioner (and your wallet!). Spring or fall months are generally mild and best suited for this type of home improvement.
  1. Check out the energy ratings and insulation on various windows. The type of framing will determine how much maintenance is required. For example, wood is beautiful, but vinyl might be the better option if you don’t want to worry about maintaining window frames.
  1. Ask about all of the different windows the company offers. Most companies run various promotions, but the windows they are featuring may be outside of your budget constraints. Asking about all of your options can get you the windows you need, without breaking the bank.
  1. Replacement windows come with warranties. Make sure you get the specifics, such as if the warranty can be transferred if you sell your home, and how long the warranty will remain in effect.

New windows are a major investment, but are a great asset and will make all the difference the comfort and the curb appeal of your home.

If you’ve been thinking about getting your windows replaced, now is a great time! Contact us to schedule an appointment and get your new windows installed just in time for summer! Read more

Mark Your Calendar: The Special Olympics 2015 Summer Games are Coming to Arlington in May!

A Brief History:

In the early 1950’s, people with mental disabilities were treated much differently than they are today. Most of us would be greatly shocked or offended to see the lack of respect shown to these individuals, solely because of their disabilities. Luckily, Eunice Kennedy Shriver took a stand to make a difference and stop the injustice.

Her goal was to create a place for disabled children to thrive. She began by starting a summer day camp for young people with handicaps in her own backyard. She focused on what these children could do in sports and other activities – and not dwell on what they could not do. Read more

Galley Kitchen Renovation Reveal



Take a look at this beautiful kitchen we recently designed and built! If you’ve been following our Facebook posts, we’ve been keeping up with this project and posting progress pics weekly. It’s always exciting to post the grand reveal of the completed remodel and then look back over the previous weeks to see the transformation take place.



As you can see in the before photos, these clients had a typical galley kitchen – narrow and closed off from the rest of the house. The wall including the sink and the dishwasher separated the kitchen from the living room, leaving the clients with little space when entertaining guests. They really wanted to open up the kitchen to the living room, creating a flowing, contiguous room.
Upon discussing this idea with our clients, our talented designers were able to create vivid 3D renderings of the remodeled space so the clients could clearly see how the finished project would look once the wall was removed and the kitchen was renovated.


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Are You Taking Advantage of the Longer Days? Our March 2015 Newsletter

Finally! The frigid winter months are behind us and warm, sunny spring has arrived. One of our very favorite things about spring is that the days begin to get longer as summer approaches. While there’s not actually more hours in a day, the sun is setting later, providing absolutely perfect evenings to enjoy outdoors. It’s the best time of year to take advantage of your backyard space by installing a deck, covered patio, outdoor living area, or fire pit. Can you imagine grilling in your sleek outdoor kitchen while your friends and family sit around the fire and roast marshmallows? What about having a beautifully stained deck to compliment your landscaping and provide you a relaxing escape at the end of each day? Whether you want to entertain guests or just enjoy some down time with your loved ones, there are tons of ways you can customize your backyard to create the ideal setting. So stop wasting your outdoor space and take advantage of these long, warm evenings! Read more