PEX – The Newest Evolution in Water Supply Lines

Behind the walls and under the floor of your home is an amazing infrastructure consisting of hundreds of feet of pipe, which allows your plumbing system to work properly. Pictured here is the plumbing infrastructure we installed for the laundry room addition we are doing on a historical home in Fort Worth. What a bunch of pipes! This situation is a bit dramatic as plumbing infrastructures go; we are combining a full bathroom with the laundry room in a small space, so there are five different locations for water to come to and drain from: washer, vanity, water heater, toilet and shower. Read more

Historical Home Renovations

We are currently renovating a two story home in the Fairmount district that was built sometime around 1900. Properly remodeling a historical home requires expertise in design, knowledge of craftsmanship from different eras, and a thorough knowledge of city requirements. We are always up for the challenge because we find these projects interesting and educational.

The main challenge of renovating a historic home is trying to maintain a natural and historically accurate appearance that honors its essential character, while adding new spirit and modern convenience. There are three levels of watchdogs to make sure the historically accurate appearance is honored: neighborhood, city and state. These organizations are filled with people who are educated and passionate about history. They do a tremendous service for the historic neighborhoods by keeping historical integrity intact, which helps the properties in these neighborhoods continually increase in value while maintaining the historical interest.

Part of the fun of these projects is that demolition is like an archaeological excavation. Just imagine how many renovations have been done to this home in the last 110+ years! We are removing the current laundry room to put a more modern laundry room bathroom combination along with a covered porch.

When looking at the demolition picture, you can see evidence of multiple renovations. If you look along the house where the roof was, you can see the different colors, surfaces and flashings that show that at least two additions were made to the original structure. On the gable roof piece that is still standing in the picture, notice the wall covering on the wood and the drywall below it. Read more

An Artful Project

One of our clients asked us to do away with her bar area and build her a display case for her glass art. She had a concept picture (above right) which we worked from. As the pictures show, a great team effort with design, creation and installation produced a great display case.

We design and custom build any type of cabinetry; let us help you with your dream project!


Water Sprinkling Systems: Are you getting the most out of yours?

A properly operating water sprinkling system is essential if you want to have a properly maintained landscape around your home. A water sprinkler system is an exact science. If you over water, you have mushy ground with diseases, dying vegetation, shifting foundations, a high water bill and many other problems. If you under water, you have dry ground with diseases, dying vegetation, a not so high water bill, shifting foundations and many other problems. If you apply the right amount of water, you have flourishing vegetation, a predictable water bill, stable foundations, and minimal problems. Read more

A Very Cool Online Design Tool Compliments of Arizona Tile

Arizona Tile has an awesome online design tool called “Just Imagine.” They have a bunch of pictures of bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms of a house with various layouts. You select a picture that is similar to your room, and then the tool allows you to change countertops, backsplashes and flooring, as well as change the color of the walls and cabinetry. You can also upload your own pictures and change the surfaces and colors so you can get a good sense of how your remodeling project may look, long before it starts. Read more