A Very Cool Online Design Tool Compliments of Arizona Tile

Arizona Tile Design Tool
Arizona Tile has an awesome online design tool called “Just Imagine.” They have a bunch of pictures of bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms of a house with various layouts. You select a picture that is similar to your room, and then the tool allows you to change countertops, backsplashes and flooring, as well as change the color of the walls and cabinetry. You can also upload your own pictures and change the surfaces and colors so you can get a good sense of how your remodeling project may look, long before it starts.

I found the program very easy to use, especially with their pictures. Using my own pictures was a little more work, but with some patience, it was doable.

The great benefit of this tool (http://justimagine.arizonatile.com/) is that it enables you to see how dramatically different the look and feel of a room can be changed with texture and color. Have fun playing with this!