Rebuilding a Local “Treehouse” for Southlake Students

treehouse project



The Medford Team is beyond grateful to be a part of our local Tarrant County community. We’re always happy to provide assistance and support to those around us when we can. Recently, one of our clients from Southlake reached out to us for help rebuilding their child’s Elementary School “treehouse.” This treehouse consists of two large, circular decks with benches built around the base of two separate oak trees on the Carroll Elementary School grounds. It has been a cherished part of the school for over 18 years, as it has been used for outdoor education days, teddy bear picnics, and as a welcomed treat to both teachers and students, whenever they were able to enjoy the outdoors on a sunny day.


Unfortunately, after so many years of withstanding the harsh outdoor elements, the decks, benches, and railings began to deteriorate, making it unfit for the students to enjoy. One of the student’s mothers, and a wonderful client of ours, Donna Clarin, recommended us to the school’s PTO to get the treehouse rebuilt.


Donna was familiar with our team, as we recently completed a major remodel on her home, and she was confident we would be a great partner in this project. She orchestrated a meeting for our owner, Mike, and Interior Designer, Stephanie, to meet with the School Principal, Stacy Wagnon, and PTO leader, Jennifer Mitchell. Together, they discussed the best course of action for rebuilding the treehouse and developed a plan to get it done. It was determined that the layout and structure of the decks should remain the same, just replaced with new materials in a gorgeous cedar stain. The PTO members then hosted a number of fundraisers through the school to match the cost of materials and labor donated by our team.


We were able to complete the new treehouse in a few short weeks, and the finished project is absolutely beautiful! The Medford Team is thankful for the opportunity to help with such a fun, meaningful project. The students and teachers of Carroll Elementary School once again have a wonderful place to enjoy the great outdoors that will remain sturdy and safe for years to come!



treehouse project


treehouse project


treehouse project


treehouse project


We’d like to say thank you to the PTO members of CES for choosing us for this project, and we’d also like to recognize all of our team members and suppliers that helped out:


Structural Design: Mike Medford, Sr.

Aesthetic Design: Stephanie Milford

Production Management: Michael Medford, Jr.

Project Management & Carpentry: Andy Weger

Lumber: Sweeney Lumber

Stain: Phillip Paint


Warm Regards,


The Medford Design-Build Team


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