Kitchen Lighting Solutions: Our June 2016 Newsletter


 Lighting Solutions for an Upgraded Look



Updating the lighting in your kitchen is a small change that can make a huge impact! Whether you are planning a full remodel, a partial remodel, or just want to improve your existing kitchen, investing in new lighting can truly transform the space. Here are a few lighting options worth considering:


Can Lights



For nearly all of our kitchen remodels, we include a can light package which consists of strategically placed can lights that work in conjunction with under cabinet lighting to produce a “shadow-less environment.” Because of the placement of the lights, no shadows are created, which is safer and ideal for
cooking and meal prep in the kitchen.


LED Strip Lights



LED strip lighting is a great way to improve visual appeal. These adhesive-backed strips are thin and easily installed on top of or underneath cabinets to produce an illuminating glow. They can also be used to highlight an eye-catching backsplash or improve the lighting of a counter top work space. Other neat options include installing them under the bar or along the toe kick at the bottom of the cabinets.


Pendant Lighting



Pendant lights are a very popular choice for kitchen lighting. They are usually installed over the island, peninsula, or above the dining or breakfast area. These lights come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and can really add a fun touch of personality to a room!





While sconces are more commonly seen in bathrooms, these wall-mounted lights are also a trending option for kitchens. Like pendants, they are available in a variety of styles, finishes and sizes, and add a creative flare to an interior.


 Track Lighting



Track lighting is a stylish, modern option for your kitchen. Many styles allow the individual lights to be adjusted in different directions, making it easy to spotlight focal points or work areas.


 Large Scale Decorative Lighting



Even with all of the other options available, decorative single light fixtures and traditional chandeliers are still very popular kitchen light choices among homeowners. They provide ample lighting and a classic, timeless look.



If you are interested in updating your kitchen lighting, we’d be happy to help! We are now working with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery to provide our clients with great deals on fixtures, appliances and lighting. Their extensive showroom is just down the road in Fort Worth and is full of great products to help you get the refresh your home needs!


Contact us today for more information and to set up a meeting with our Ferguson rep!







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